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Japanalyst is an informal community for Japan related English blogging. The goals of the community are to encourage the growth and development of English content about Japan and to serve as a platform for finding and discussing up-to-date Japan related information and news. Japanalyst provides a steady stream of updates from member blogs writing about Japan.

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SENBATSURU - 1,000 CRANES Evelyn The writer lived in Minamisatsuma, then Kaseda City in Kagoshima Ken 20 years ago. From the first pangs of homesickness through all the new sights and sounds,and smells, the gaijin writes about going into the schools and learning to overcome the difficulties through all the kindnesses and beauty in her new home. MinamiSatsuma
Twogaijingirls Nimi and Suki Guide to life in Japan - through the eyes of two gaijin girls Nagoya
ALTInsider.com F.Y. ALTInsider.com is all about helping ALTs have the most fun possible while being an ALT in Japan. Teaching hacks, last minute games, everything you need to have an awesome time in Japan. Fukuoka
Takurei's Room Taku & Rei Takurei's Room is written by an American and Japanese interracial gay couple living in Japan. We would like to share with you the simple joys and discoveries of our daily lives. Through writing this blog, we hope to contribute to cross cultural understanding and awareness of the challenges of LGBT people in Japan. Fukuoka
Fuku-Rico Rei This is a blog written by a twenty-something year old teaching English in Japan. I write about my experiences while teaching English in a Japanese school, living abroad, experiencing Japan, and studying Japanese. Fukuoka

Recent Posts

Parade of the Loyal Retainers

Feed: Around Tokyo : Parade of the Loyal Retainers

Here is the latest from Around Tokyo!

On December 14, the Parade of the Loyal Retainers is he […]

The post Parade of the Loyal Retainers appeared first on Around Tokyo.

Great Teaching Idea for Months of the Year: Let's Play Cards!

Feed: Purple Pen in Japan : Great Teaching Idea for Months of the Year: Let's Play Cards!

Fall: Sweet November in JapanA big challenge in teaching the months of the year is how students can memorize them. Months of the year in Japanese is so simple. January is 1月. (Read as ichi-gatsu) February is 2月. (Read as ni-gatsu). They just use 1,2, 3 to 12 plus the word "Gatsu" to name the months.

Rinkya Japanese Flashcards: “Japan travel lingo”

Feed: A Rinkya Blog : Rinkya Japanese Flashcards: “Japan travel lingo”

flashcard, japanese, japan, japanese flashcard, rinkya, rinkya japan, learn japanese, japan travel

We follow up with our short Japan travel lingo series. This time we have some words related to the house/ hotel. Let’s start!

The DL on Being a DJ in Tokyo: Interview with François

Feed: Tokyo Cheapo : The DL on Being a DJ in Tokyo: Interview with François

Brat OK landscape cover photoMeet François, aka DJ Brat O.K. –  local scratchmeister and Cheapo of note. He gives us the lowdown on his work, solar-powered sets and the best places for dancing in Tokyo.

Batman - Go Go Go

Feed: Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife : Batman - Go Go Go

The year 2014 is the 75th anniversary of The Batman - my favorite superhero - in comic book form... though I freely admit that my favorite comic book character is Donald Duck, only partially because he doesn't wear pants.

Keeping Toasty: Tips and Tricks for Surviving Winter in Japan

Feed: Tokyo Cheapo : Keeping Toasty: Tips and Tricks for Surviving Winter in Japan

Hello, winter. We’re freezing, how about you? My house, like many Japanese houses and apartments, has crap insulation and no central heating. It’s cold up in here. If your place, like mine, gets frigid around this type of year, here are some ideas to keep you toasty. And if your place is nice and warm and you don’t need this article, hey – invite us over?

Kimono Fashion Show 2014

Feed: With Love from Japan, Eustacia : Kimono Fashion Show 2014

So, even though NaNoWriMo is over, I've been MIA. And as always, I've got really good reasons for that. One is that my mom and bro came over this week, and between lost luggage (which seems to occur to China Eastern passengers who transit at Shanghai) and general getting-used-to-the-cold, and eat-all-the-food stuff, I haven't had much time to get on the computer.

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