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Tokyo Explained and More Johanna Yamasaki An American girl's life in Tokyo, international marriage, and working in Japan. Food, beauty, and social issues are brought up regularly and illustrated with poorly drawn comics. Tokyo
Seachange Okinawa rachiebee A blog about our family life in Okinawa Onna
Japan Cheapo Greg Lane Japan Cheapo is a guide to getting the best value out of living in or travelling around Japan. It has been created by the people behind the Tokyo Cheapo. Kyoto
Japanesquest Japanesquest Japanesquest is a travel-guide website introducing Japan’s coolest and most interesting sightseeing spots on YouTube. tokyo
Origami Kiwi Annabelle I've been a high school English language teacher on the JET Programme since August 2013. Read about my experiences, advice on being accepted into the JET Programme, and travel tips around Japan on my blog. Utsunomiya

Recent Posts

Bad stuff that happens at Rakuten

Feed: What Japan Thinks : Bad stuff that happens at Rakuten

This survey was conducted over six months ago, but only appeared this week, a look by goo Ranking at typical happenings at the net shopping site Rakuten.


goo Rankings asked iBRIDGE’s Research Plus to conduct this survey, where between the 18th and 20th of August 2014 500 members, 50:50 male and female, of their monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. No further demographics were given.

Matsusaka City Mie Prefecture

Feed: Japan Australia : Matsusaka City Mie Prefecture

Matsusaka Back StreetI have never lived longer in any one place, since leaving home, than I have in Matsusaka.

Toga no Ya

Feed: Friends In Ramen : Toga no Ya

Months ago a shop opened up not too far from where I work, but for some reason I never got around to visiting. Eventually passing by a giant "tsukemen" sign all the time wore me down, so I finally swung by after work and ordered the shoyu tsukemen.


Anime Japan 2015

Feed: Around Tokyo : Anime Japan 2015

Here is the latest from Around Tokyo!

Anime Japan 2015 returned to Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba […]

The post Anime Japan 2015 appeared first on Around Tokyo.

The overlooked pitfalls of hanami: part 2

Feed: Tokyo Explained and More : The overlooked pitfalls of hanami: part 2

Hanami, the tradition of having picnics and drinking under cherry trees while they are in bloom, is something you will be invited to with a 99% certainty if you are in Japan during the springtime.

North Korea threatens to blow up balloons carrying DVDs of The Interview

Feed: Only A Gaijin : North Korea threatens to blow up balloons carrying DVDs of The Interview

North Korea's military has threatened to blow up balloons that South Korean activists plan to send over the heavily-militarised border carrying 10,000 DVDs of the satirical Hollywood film The Interview.

1936 Kirin Beer Advertisement

Feed: Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife : 1936 Kirin Beer Advertisement

Here's a cool advertisement for Kirin Lager beer, from a 1936 newspaper - Rafu Shimpo - a Japanese-language newspaper in Los Angeles, California.

Chinese Fake Tesla - has a fish tank in the back seat!

Feed: Only A Gaijin : Chinese Fake Tesla - has a fish tank in the back seat!

The Tesla Model X will be terrific and Google’s autonomous egg car will change the world.

But neither can match the awesomeness of China’s GAC WitStar that was introduced this week at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. Not only does China’s Model X lookalike feature a range-extended electric powertrain and autonomous drive capabilities — it’s also equipped with a fish tank!

Limited Edition #japan #whiskey #hibiki #21years #mtfuji

Feed: Japan + Tech : Limited Edition #japan #whiskey #hibiki #21years #mtfuji

Limited Edition #japan #whiskey #hibiki #21years #mtfuji

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