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All things Japan Thomas Malone An exploration of all things related to Japan from Japanese history and mythology to current affairs and trends. さくら市
Tokyo Explained and More Johanna Yamasaki An American girl's life in Tokyo, international marriage, and working in Japan. Food, beauty, and social issues are brought up regularly and illustrated with poorly drawn comics. Tokyo
Seachange Okinawa rachiebee A blog about our family life in Okinawa Onna
Japan Cheapo Greg Lane Japan Cheapo is a guide to getting the best value out of living in or travelling around Japan. It has been created by the people behind the Tokyo Cheapo. Kyoto
Japanesquest Japanesquest Japanesquest is a travel-guide website introducing Japan’s coolest and most interesting sightseeing spots on YouTube. tokyo

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Feed: Takurei's Room : New Pages and Categories

Hello everyone! We hope that you are doing well.

The Golden Week holidays have almost begun! If you’re residing in Japan, we hope that you all have some nice events or trips planned.

For the past eight months, we have enjoyed sharing our experiences with everyone on this blog and informing everyone about the state of LGBT rights in Japan.

An Afternoon at Nara Deer Park

Feed: Japan Cheapo : An Afternoon at Nara Deer Park

According to Shinto tradition and lore, deer are the sacred messengers of the gods, such that, in ancient times, killing a deer in Nara was a crime punishable by death. Nowadays, deer are no longer considered sacred, but in honor […]

The post An Afternoon at Nara Deer Park appeared first on Japan Cheapo.

Party Like an Edokko: Tokyo Festivals in May

Feed: Tokyo Cheapo : Party Like an Edokko: Tokyo Festivals in May

The shitamachi (aka the eastern parts of Tokyo where the non-samurai population flourished in the Edo times, from the early 1600s to the mid-1800s) is a cheapo’s paradise for many reasons.  Most relevant to this article is that it is […]

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Noboko And Andrew: Inside Daddy's Mind

Feed: Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife : Noboko And Andrew: Inside Daddy's Mind

When we examine the goings on of myself in Japan between 1990-1993, I give you my perspective on things... but I do try to be fair, and present multiple sides to a conundrum—mine and any and all else involved.

Obviously I can't be expected to mind read - not my forte - but I do read people fairly well with my powers of observation...

But at the same time, ego and naivety play a huge role in my thought processes in those days, and the 2015 me makes no current claims on how right or incorrect I was - unless I can now see how bloody obvious it is.

Ikei Island 伊計島

Feed: Seachange Okinawa : Ikei Island 伊計島

Last weekend was all about beaches! The weather was glorious all weekend and we made the most of it. Saturday morning we packed the car and drove out to Ikei Island to visit Oodomari Beach (or Mama-san Beach, as it is also known).
I really wanted to go there because I heard that it was child friendly and you could snorkel off the beach.

Featured Cosplayer: Aquine Cosplay

Feed: Japan Realm : Featured Cosplayer: Aquine Cosplay

Come say hello & meet spring’s first featured cosplayer, the friendly Aquine Cosplay! Hi there! My name is Nicole Biro and I recently fell in love with the art of cosplay! It’s a hobby that allows you to become your favourite characters, as well as share and improve on your craftsmanship skills. I originally got into

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Hows my Obashot? Japan’s Photo Trend of Taking Middle Aged Women Poses

Feed: Japan Realm : Hows my Obashot? Japan’s Photo Trend of Taking Middle Aged Women Poses

Japan’s latest photo trend to break through the internet will have you channeling your inner aunt or middle aged-woman in order to create your very own “obashot”. Japanese comedian Hiroiki Ariyoshi should be very proud for creating Japan’s latest slow climbing photo trend. The comedic craze is known as obashot, which is “obasan” meaning aunt,

The post Hows my Obashot? Japan’s Photo Trend of Taking Middle Aged Women Poses appeared first on Japan Realm.

Japan PM Trying To Muzzle Media

Feed: Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife : Japan PM Trying To Muzzle Media

Hey! Koga-san… what do you think about Japanese Prime Minister Abe?


Welcome to the world of Japanese politics, where it is alleged that top dogs for Japanese Prime Minister Abe are muzzling the media in their attempts to criticize deer Führer.

I'm an ex-journalist, but currently a full-time writer in my day job, and for this and other blogs (Pioneers of Aviation, You Know What I Hate, and more) - and so I realize that there are times when one has to affectively self-center one's views to avoid getting in trouble.

Rinkya News: Golden Week Schedule

Feed: A Rinkya Blog : Rinkya News: Golden Week Schedule

golden week, rinkya, japan

Rinkya News is here again! This time to report about our Golden Week Schedule! Remember the dates! The Warehouse will not be shipping items from April 30, 2015. It will resume its operations on May 11, 2015 JPT.

Please send your requests before April 29 if you want your items to be sent before the Golden Week holidays.

Japanese DIY ideas: decorate your agenda with your own stickers

Feed: A Rinkya Blog : Japanese DIY ideas: decorate your agenda with your own stickers

DIY, DIY ideas, japanese DIY, rinkya, japan

Japanese DIY ideas are the best! This time we propose you to decorate your agenda with your own stickers. You can create them using washi tape, paper and glue, and a little bit of patience. Your agenda will look amazing if you take a little bit of time to put it cute and gorgeous. Here you have some ideas on what to do with it!

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