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Name Blog author Blog description City
Abandoned Japan nagoyablue Abandoned places and travel in Japan. Nagoya
Jaya in Japan Jaya Powell A blog about my experience studying abroad in Nagoya, Japan, as well as posts about Japan in general. Nagoya
Anicoma Diary CrystalQ Anicoma Diary is an otaku blog that literarily breathes articles on the otaku community around the world. The blog was created by Chow Qing, a Malaysian high school student on 4/5/2012 out of her fascination towards japanese culture, anime and manga. Besides being a few months old, Anicoma Diary had been listed under the Top 20 Blog List on the Nyusu.fm website and gained a spot in the Japan Blog List. The blog contains articles on japanese idols, anime, manga, collectible items, fashion, music and events written for the public eye to enjoy in a first person's point of view. Now, it has shift to its new domain. Thanks for the support ! Penang
SENBATSURU - 1,000 CRANES Evelyn The blog will describe the settings encountered from Tokyo to Kagoshima, as well the background and personality of author and others as culture shock and adjustments take place while learning to live and love in Japan. Eventually, more travel and pictures will be introduced to reveal so many discoveries of the beauty of rice fields, mountains, volcanoes, island life, and shrines and temples and the arts of Japan. Minami Satsuma
My journey to Japan Anne Roskam Anne is a 15 year old Dutch girl who is preparing to travel to Japan for the World Scout Jamboree in 2015. This blog is about her preparation and her journey. Deventer

Recent Posts

Tokyo International Volleyball Grand Prix!

Feed: The Soul of Japan : Tokyo International Volleyball Grand Prix!

For the first time I attended the 2014 FIVB Tokyo International Volleyball Grand Prix Finals.   

I was impressed at the athletic prowess of all  the female athletes, not just the Japanese.   Never have I seen so much style and finesse displayed on a volleyball court.   One strength team Japan shows often is the ability to defend and repel a volley from a very low position.  I feel this

Bento Friday: cute Pikachu bento box

Feed: A Rinkya Blog : Bento Friday: cute Pikachu bento box

pokemon, pikachu, kawaii, caramelldansen, rinkya, japan, rinkya japan, cute, bento box, bento

Today we have a very yummy super kawaii Pikachu bento box! It is yummy and funny!

We need the following ingredients: ketchup, eggs, boiled rice, ham, cheese, nori, mix vegetables (including broccoli and boiled carrots), and some cherry tomatoes.

The Japan Times

Feed: Japan Finds : The Japan Times

The Japan Times is an English-language newspaper published in Japan by The Japan Times, Ltd. which is a subsidiary of Nifco, a leading manufacturer of plastic fasteners for the automotive and home design industries. It is headquartered in the Japan Times Nifco Building in Shibaura, Minato, and Tokyo. The Japan Times was launched by Motosada […]

The post The Japan Times appeared first on Japan Finds - Japanese Culture and Travel Guide.

Japan Looking For Air Supremacy

Feed: Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife : Japan Looking For Air Supremacy

Despite Constitutional arrangements to the contrary, Japan is looking to up the ante in its belief it will soon require its own airfare - and not just for the Japanese Self-Defense Force.

Tanto: 100yen Draft Beer in Shibuya and Shinjuku

Feed: Tokyo Cheapo : Tanto: 100yen Draft Beer in Shibuya and Shinjuku

Tanto delivers on that mythical promise – 100yen draft beer in Tokyo. Well technically it’s 108yen, but since the consumption tax rise most stores have gone back to their old habits of forgetting consumption tax exists until it comes to [...]

Language Apps/Websites Review: Lang-8

Feed: With Love from Japan, Eustacia : Language Apps/Websites Review: Lang-8

Like I mentioned in my previous post, one of the things I want to blog about this summer would be to review the different language sites and apps that I'm using. Not all of them will be Japanese-focused, but more of a language-based thing in general. Of course, if there are Japanese versions, I will be looking at those two.

So, the first website that I want to talk about is Lang-8. To sum the site up in one sentence, Lang-8 is where you go to practice your writing.

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