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Origami Kiwi Annabelle I've been a high school English language teacher on the JET Programme since August 2013. Read about my experiences, advice on being accepted into the JET Programme, and travel tips around Japan on my blog. Utsunomiya
SENBATSURU - 1,000 CRANES Evelyn The writer lived in Minamisatsuma, then Kaseda City in Kagoshima Ken 20 years ago. From the first pangs of homesickness through all the new sights and sounds,and smells, the gaijin writes about going into the schools and learning to overcome the difficulties through all the kindnesses and beauty in her new home. MinamiSatsuma
Twogaijingirls Nimi and Suki Guide to life in Japan - through the eyes of two gaijin girls Nagoya
ALTInsider.com F.Y. ALTInsider.com is all about helping ALTs have the most fun possible while being an ALT in Japan. Teaching hacks, last minute games, everything you need to have an awesome time in Japan. Fukuoka
Takurei's Room Taku & Rei Takurei's Room is written by an American and Japanese interracial gay couple living in Japan. We would like to share with you the simple joys and discoveries of our daily lives. Through writing this blog, we hope to contribute to cross cultural understanding and awareness of the challenges of LGBT people in Japan. Fukuoka

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Plum Blossoms in Tokyo

Feed: Tokyo Cheapo : Plum Blossoms in Tokyo

It’s true that cherry blossoms tend to overshadow Japan’s other stunning flowers, however,  plum (ume) blossoms — which bloom in late February to signal the start of spring — should not be overlooked. Plum blossoms’ reddish, pink, or white flowers remain […]

The post Plum Blossoms in Tokyo appeared first on Tokyo Cheapo.

To Hell and Back (Beppu Part 2)

Feed: With Love from Japan, Eustacia : To Hell and Back (Beppu Part 2)

One week ago, I talked about seeing snow in Beppu even though it's more well-known for its onsens (aka, there's a lot of heat). During the week, I had about 3 tests, and didn't really have time to blog. Now that my excuse is out of the way, on to part two!


Feed: Friends In Ramen : Torisei

Fushimi is an area in Kyoto known for having a wealth of sake breweries. My friend offered to show me around, and so we went from brewery to brewery trying different kinds of sake. Somewhere in the midst of our day drunkenness we needed to eat, so he took me to famous chicken izakaya Torisei. We got a couple grilled chicken dishes, but of course we needed to try the chicken ramen as well.


Noboko & Andrew: Head Games

Feed: Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife : Noboko & Andrew: Head Games

Noboko was suffering from 'that time of the month' aka menstrual cramps, and had cryptically suggested the night before that despite her discomfort that maybe we could still have some adult fun when she came over the next night...

I had asked her via a phone call: "Do you want to rent a movie or something?"

"Or something. Good night. I love you," she responded.

Apparently we still have a language barrier, or things said while doubling over from her vicious cramps can not be held over one's head.

Renovation done #starbucks #tokyo #japan #ningyocho (at...

Feed: Japan + Tech : Renovation done #starbucks #tokyo #japan #ningyocho (at...

Renovation done #starbucks #tokyo #japan #ningyocho (at スターバックスコーヒー 人形町店)

Curly fries at #McDonald’s (limited time) #japan #tokyo

Feed: Japan + Tech : Curly fries at #McDonald’s (limited time) #japan #tokyo

Curly fries at #McDonald’s (limited time) #japan #tokyo

Show Your Emotions with The Kawaii Cat-eared Brain-reader Necomimi

Feed: Japan Realm : Show Your Emotions with The Kawaii Cat-eared Brain-reader Necomimi

I honestly do not know how this product has escaped my attention, not that I continuously search for kawaii cat ear devices or anything.. But nonetheless, you should definitely check out this strange but terrifyingly adorable brain-reader, Necomimi! Have you ever wanted to feel like a cat, communicating solely with the movement or positioning of your

Cuteness And A Cute Pokemon Video

Feed: Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife : Cuteness And A Cute Pokemon Video

I'm not a huge fan of the Japanese 'cute' phenomenon that the country has been actively participating in for the past four decades.

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