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Mantai-ko in Japan Mantaiko What is a “mantai-ko”? It originates from the phrase “tai tai”. “Tai tai” is a term used in Singapore to refer to a rich housewife. In my case, I decided to leave my job in Singapore and accompany The Wife to Japan (she’s studying here). So I guess I’m a man in the position of a tai tai. :P Now as for “man tai KO”, well Fukuoka is famous for mentaiko! Mmm…tasty? This site chronicles my man tai life in this lovely town. I hope it will entertain and amuse you dear readers. :) Fukuoka
Purple Pen in Japan Faye tips, things and tales of a Filipina's piece of Japan Hamamatsu
Abandoned Japan nagoyablue Abandoned places and travel in Japan. Nagoya
Jaya in Japan Jaya Powell A blog about my experience studying abroad in Nagoya, Japan, as well as posts about Japan in general. Nagoya
Anicoma Diary CrystalQ Anicoma Diary is an otaku blog that literarily breathes articles on the otaku community around the world. The blog was created by Chow Qing, a Malaysian high school student on 4/5/2012 out of her fascination towards japanese culture, anime and manga. Besides being a few months old, Anicoma Diary had been listed under the Top 20 Blog List on the Nyusu.fm website and gained a spot in the Japan Blog List. The blog contains articles on japanese idols, anime, manga, collectible items, fashion, music and events written for the public eye to enjoy in a first person's point of view. Now, it has shift to its new domain. Thanks for the support ! Penang

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Anyways, Just Try It

Feed: The Hopeless Romantic and his adventures in Japan : Anyways, Just Try It

Thought this an interesting way of using 兎に角 (tonikaku, anyway) that we probably wouldn't do in an English ad. It translates pretty much as per this post's title. It seems like the nuance of the Japanese anyway is slightly different.

Chicago Society Gals Throw Japanese Party

Feed: Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife : Chicago Society Gals Throw Japanese Party

Proving that I have no clue how newspapers used to work 100 years before I first became a newspaper reporter comes this wonderful story from the May 3, 1895 edition of the Daily Inter Ocean, published in Chicago (a paper that ran between 1865-1914). In a  convoluted manner, I suppose it still lives on as the Chicago Tribune

Please Dont Mind My 400 Pounds Of Japanese Porn

Feed: Japan Realm : Please Dont Mind My 400 Pounds Of Japanese Porn

In what was most seemingly intended as a good deed, one man has instantly gained a little bit of unwanted attention. I guess it’s just not that easy to unload  multiple sacks of porn without getting caught, especially in the area where this man decided to begin disposing the evidence. Mr. Adachi was spotted unloading

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#halloween #tumbler #starbucks #yokohama #japan

Feed: Japan + Tech : #halloween #tumbler #starbucks #yokohama #japan

#halloween #tumbler #starbucks #yokohama #japan

Tokyo Voted The Coolest Neighborhood In The World For What?

Feed: Japan Realm : Tokyo Voted The Coolest Neighborhood In The World For What?

While crime, amenities, jobs, culture, lifestyle, and happiness are all important factors when weighing in on the topic of best places to live geographically, there’s also another factor that some people may think is important, and that factor is fashion. Yes, fashion. See what massively popular brand deemed Tokyo to be the coolest neighborhood in the

A Walk Into A Japanese Halloween Store

Feed: Japan Realm : A Walk Into A Japanese Halloween Store

Halloween truly is taking over Japan and I couldn’t be any happier about it.. Costume parties, zombie marathon walks, and monster gatherings are increasing all around Japan. It’s not just Tokyo either, lesser populated cities are even getting their feet wet with holiday spirit. So let’s get geared up for Halloween with some whips and chains! I

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Fandom crossovers of the week, great fan art!

Feed: A Rinkya Blog : Fandom crossovers of the week, great fan art!

avengers, doctor who, fandom crossovers, fan art, rinkya, japan

This week we have really amazing fandom crossovers! I am going to give you less hints because some of them are really obvious and I am sure you know them by heart. Some others will have hints because they might be somewhat difficult (but not so much). Let’s begin the fun!

Old Japanese Religious War Ceremony

Feed: Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife : Old Japanese Religious War Ceremony

Buried on Page 17, of the January 20, 1895 edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper - yes, this is old news, but new to all of us - comes the following news article, found at the fantastic America's Historical Newspapers resource that has a true focus on newspapers from the 1690s and a couple of hundred

Beware the Line Scam!

Feed: With Love from Japan, Eustacia : Beware the Line Scam!

You always think that scams are something that don't happen to you. But in an amazing coincidence, a scammer tried to part my money and I using the exact same scam that I read about yesterday.

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