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Mantai-ko in Japan Mantaiko What is a “mantai-ko”? It originates from the phrase “tai tai”. “Tai tai” is a term used in Singapore to refer to a rich housewife. In my case, I decided to leave my job in Singapore and accompany The Wife to Japan (she’s studying here). So I guess I’m a man in the position of a tai tai. :P Now as for “man tai KO”, well Fukuoka is famous for mentaiko! Mmm…tasty? This site chronicles my man tai life in this lovely town. I hope it will entertain and amuse you dear readers. :) Fukuoka
Purple Pen in Japan Faye tips, things and tales of a Filipina's piece of Japan Hamamatsu
Abandoned Japan nagoyablue Abandoned places and travel in Japan. Nagoya
Jaya in Japan Jaya Powell A blog about my experience studying abroad in Nagoya, Japan, as well as posts about Japan in general. Nagoya
Anicoma Diary CrystalQ Anicoma Diary is an otaku blog that literarily breathes articles on the otaku community around the world. The blog was created by Chow Qing, a Malaysian high school student on 4/5/2012 out of her fascination towards japanese culture, anime and manga. Besides being a few months old, Anicoma Diary had been listed under the Top 20 Blog List on the Nyusu.fm website and gained a spot in the Japan Blog List. The blog contains articles on japanese idols, anime, manga, collectible items, fashion, music and events written for the public eye to enjoy in a first person's point of view. Now, it has shift to its new domain. Thanks for the support ! Penang

Recent Posts

Beware the Line Scam!

Feed: With Love from Japan, Eustacia : Beware the Line Scam!

You always think that scams are something that don't happen to you. But in an amazing coincidence, a scammer tried to part my money and I using the exact same scam that I read about yesterday.

Junior High School at Night

The Blog Is Late

Feed: Japan - It's A Wonderful Rife : The Blog Is Late

Just a brief note of explanation... the blog entry for this date and time is delayed by nine hours. I actually wrote a blog at lunch yesterday - at work - and forgot to save it into this worksite for me to manipulate at home. Oops.

So... soon, my faithful readers... I shall continue with the minimum one-a-days.

Thank-you for your patience.

Andrew 'pallbearer' Joseph

Display Your Fandom Proudly With One Piece Replica Swords

Feed: Japan Realm : Display Your Fandom Proudly With One Piece Replica Swords

If you’re a fan of swords and or One Piece, then your dream has finally come true because they’re here, some of the famous and beloved weapons from the hit show, so say hello to One Piece replica swords! In yet another collaboration, we are introduced to the opportunity to own some of the popular swords

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Japan Sending Officials To Pyongyang To Learn More Of The Japanese abducted by North Korea To Become Spies?

Feed: Japan Realm : Japan Sending Officials To Pyongyang To Learn More Of The Japanese abducted by North Korea To Become Spies?

North Korea, the country of absolute secrecy, packed to the brim with propaganda is certainly full of curiosities. A little over 10 years ago, NK’s capital, Pyongyang finally admitted to being responsible for abducting 13 citizens of Japan in the 70’s and 80’s, but for what? To be highly trained secret spies for their leader?? Japan


Feed: Friends In Ramen : Shi43ya

Despite the fact that I had a filling bowl of tsukemen earlier in the day, I found myself in Osaka at night and hungry. It was pretty late, and although usually I would prefer takoyaki at times like this, there was a new hot late night ramen shop I wanted to try.

Zaru soba

Feed: Japan Finds : Zaru soba

Zaru soba is a typical soba dish topped with shredded nori seaweed. Chilled soba is often served on a sieve-like bamboo tray called a zaru, sometimes garnished with bits of dried nori seaweed, with a dipping sauce known as soba tsuyu on the side. The tsuyu is made of a strong mixture of dashi, sweetened […]

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